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PlayStation Plus is a subscription based service provided by Sony to enhance the experience related to your Sony Entertainment Network account It allows you to access dozens of games free of charge and it offers member exclusive discounts to buy certain...


PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service provided by Sony to enhance the experience related to your Sony Entertainment Network account. It allows you to access dozens of games free of charge and it offers member-exclusive discounts to buy certain titles for a lower price, and it features the capacious cloud storage to conveniently keep all your save files in a secure place.

30 days of benefits

Join the PS Plus club and take advantage of all the benefits reserved for its subscribers. Extend your subscription by 30 more days with this PlayStation Plus Trial Card. If you are happy with delivered services, you may later extend the subscription for even longer periods of time.

Monthly Plus Games

Each month Sony reveals two new paid titles that become available for PlayStation Plus members to download and play for free as long as their subscription is valid. Discover next month’s big titles and hop into action without spending a dime.

playstation plus trial 30 days

Play Online

PS Plus subscription enables you to play online with both friends and strangers alike. Multiply the fun by joining the multiplayer mode in the latest and most popular games available on your PlayStation system.

Special offers and discounts for members

Enjoy huge discounts reserved for members of PlayStation Plus. Get your favorite titles cheaper than usual. Save money and use it to purchase another game – cheaper games mean you can add more of them to your library.

100 GB of cloud storage

Store your game save files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Don’t risk losing your hard-earned progress – with cloud your saves are securely stored online, so you can continue playing your favorite titles even after replacing the console, getting a new type of PlayStation system (if the game is crossplay-compatible), or when playing on your friend’s device. 100 GB of space is more than enough to store files from all the games you enjoy playing.

Key features

  • Extend your PS Plus subscription by an additional 30 days and enjoy all the benefits the membership brings
  • Download and play Monthly Plus Games for no additional cost as long as your subscription is valid
  • Enjoy additional discounts and purchase your favorite titles for unbeatable prices
  • Access your saved files from any PlayStation system, thanks to the 100 GB of available cloud space
  • Play online with friends – PS Plus allows to play with others in every title supporting the multiplayer mode
Warning! You may only activate it only if you never had Play Station Plus before.
Warning! This product can be used ONLY in United Kingdom.


Age restrictions
1. I bought a key by mistake (wrong platform / region / version or multiple copies) and didn’t use it. Can I get refund ?
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- My key has been revoked: If you receive an information that your key code has been deactivated by the developer of the game, please contact us immediately and let us know of what happened with your key.

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6. I didn’t receive my CD-key or any e-mail. What should I do?
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Double check the e-mail address that you entered in the shopping cart during your purchase
Check the status of your order in the "Orders history"
Make sure to check if you haven't perhaps purchased a pre-order
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